Welcome to the FICS Games Database, the world's largest chess database. It provides the games played and relayed on the Free Internet Chess Server. The database gets updated in real time, you can retrieve and download the games right after they are finished. When you are logged on to FICS you can also access this database via GameBot.


If you leave the names of both the white and the black player empty you will see a real time history of the most recent games finished on FICS. All dates and times are server times (EDT/EST since December 5, 2014, PDT/PST until December 5, 2014). For fast and efficient game retrieval check the search hints


GameBot started collecting all rated and unrated games played on FICS in October 2008 (except bughouse games and games played by/against unregistered guests. You can find bughouse games at the Bughouse database). woof contributed rated lightning games (with move times) played between human players since March 2005. marcelk contributed rated chess games (blitz, lightning standard) played since November 1999 (without move times). Move times are available for all games since November 2008.

The Opening Explorer Data is based on all games with an average player rating of 2000 or higher. If you leave the Average Rating dropdown box on "Any" you will see opening metrics for all games in the Opening Explorer database, ie for all games with average rating >=2000. New games are added to the Opening Explorer Database on a daily basis.


The FICS Games Database is a joint project of seberg and Ludens. We are indebted to MAd for providing a lot of his code. knighttour is generously providing the hosting of the frontend. Thank you to woof and marcelk for providing their game collections.

If you have questions or suggestions (eg for additional statistics or search options) please contact seberg or Ludens at FICS or just drop us an email to fics.ludens@gmail.com